Laser Cut Poseable Joint

This is the mkii version of a poseable joint made from laser cut ply. I’m hoping to make a poseable figure using dowel, pre-cut wooden balls and laser cut ply. In the original version I had planned to use one piece with a ball at each end connected to a another piece with the two holes at each end. I’d then alternate between piece types, ball-socket-ball etc, along the length of the body. I sketched out a couple of versions of a full body but there was no way of getting the ball pieces and socket pieces in the correct order.
Here’s my proposed solution. Each piece has both ball and socket, one at each end.balljoint-a02

Here’s the first draft, I’ve modified the shape slightly. It works well, the joints are flexible with a good range of movement and hold their position well.balljoint-a04

balljoint-a01Next step is to make up legs and body. Meanwhile, I’ve put together this stop-motion animation showing how the joints would work in a finished model.


3 thoughts on “Laser Cut Poseable Joint

  1. thank you very much for this great idea for making articulated stuff with wood. i will use this method of making the ball-and-socket-joint to apply in a wooden articulated light holder, with 3 articulations.

    after a very deep search this is the only post that solved the problem of hold the ball without the need of a concave piece and also maintain the flexibility of more than 90º degrees in any direction.

    a combination of this video ( ) that explains how to make a nice wooden ball using cheap tools and your tecnic that solve the socket, solved my work


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