Battery Replacement.

I love my 5th gen iPod Nano. I use the voice-over feature to navigate through the menu to listen to podcasts in the small hours without disturbing #truelove. Recently the battery has began to loose its power, to the point now where the battery runs flat after no more than thirty minutes. The 5th gen ipod is no longer made so I decided to change the battery myself. And so to iFixIt!ipod-a05

The new battery on the right below, purchased from eBay for £3.99

The instructions on iFixIt are clear and comprehensive (there is an error in step 18 but it is corrected in the comments) I cursed Apple all the way through the fix, this device really isn’t designed to be mended. Glued parts, tight tolerances, awkward snap joins. Curse you Apple!ipod-a04

Fully apart and still working!ipod-a01

And here it is back together! The top of the bezel is slightly bent and I had to remove and reattach the screen as there was a cat hair under it (you can just about make out Ruby the cat in the background of the picture) but apart from that it works perfectly and hopefully the battery will be back to the full twenty four hour playback.ipod-a03