Carvetii Coffee

Nestled throughout the Lake District are a rich and diverse range of small businesses hidden away in the villages and towns. One of these is Carvetii Coffee, our local micro-roastery. I popped in today to buy coffee and spent a while watching the roasting process.

The starting point are the green beans. Carvetii take great pride in sourcing only the best beans from all round the world.

Green Beans are weighed out into batches ready to roast.

Angharad MacDonald loads the roaster with the beans then carefully controls the temperature profile as the roast progresses.

The temperature is monitored in real time on the computer. The upper line is the temperature. It is actually made up from two lines, one grey and one green. The grey line is the optimum temperature for a perfect roast. The green is the actual temperature. The lines are so close they can hardly be distinguished. Another perfect roast!

Once the roast is complete the beans are emptied into the large circular cooling tray along with a blast of heat and the most glorious smell of roasted coffee!

Once the beans are cooled a little they are transferred into baskets ready for for packing.

Gareth Kemble (co-founder and owner with Angharad) takes over, weighing out the doses, packing the beans  and sealing the bags.

Fantastic new graphics!

Here’s what I went for.

It makes a fantastic espresso…

…which I guess is why it made the pages of Caffeine magazine. Well done Carvetii!