The vast, vast majority of my customers are simply delightful. People buy things, send me nice emails and are generally lovely. they share pictures of the models that they have made and send their friends round to the site. But very occasionally somebody tries on a con trick. For the sake of argument lets call this customer Barry. Barry spent a long time writing comments on the blog claiming he had paid for but not received some files from the site. At first I was concerned and tried to help. What email address did you use? Can you send me the paypal details, that sort of thing. Barry claimed that he couldn’t remember his email address and that he had closed down his paypal account so couldn’t send me the details I had asked for. I was, by this point, somewhat suspicious. There were no sales of the items he claimed to have ordered on the day in question so I wrote it off as a fraud attempt.

At this point I wrote to Barry and pointed out that I often give away files for free. Many people have contacted me from all round the world saying that they can’t afford the kits and I have happily sent them the files that they asked for. After a pause Barry thought he would try the asking politely technique and, to be true to my word, I sent him the files on condition that he stop accusing me of stealing his money and stop writing rude comments on the site(!). No surprise, he didn’t say thanks, he didn’t even acknowledge the receipt of the files. After a few days he sent another email asking for more. I turned him down. He then claimed he has found the original PayPal receipt and sent me this.paypaloriginal

Okay, now this hasn’t been PhotoShopped. If anything, it has been MSPainted. As an ex teacher, I marked it and sent it back.


Barry now tried a new approach. He set up a new account – lets call him Ned, and from this account he wrote a nice email asking for some kits and promising he would be able to pay in a week but he needed the files now.

I knew it was him – I used a combination of hacker-fu and the fact that he used Barry as his password. So now I’m getting emails from Barry and Ned, both claiming not to know the other and both sent only seconds apart. It was entertaining at first but the novelty has worn off. They are just being ignored now.

Moral of the story. Don’t be a git. That means you Barry and Ned.