Iced Coffee

I received a new monthly Carvetii coffee subscription literally minutes after I had filled my Mazzer Mini. The Sidamo beans smelled so good I didn’t want to wait before giving them a try. Normally I’d run a dose through the hand grinder but as I’ve not tried making iced coffee before I thought I’d give it a try. coffee-a02One scoop of bean is 13 grams on my scales.

coffee-a03Drop the beans into the Porlex tall hand grinder set to a fairly coarse setting.

coffee-a04After about a minute of vigorous grinding the coffee is ready.

coffee-a05Tip the grounds into the Aeropress.

coffee-a08Add 150ml of cold water.


coffee-a09…then twist on the lid with a dampened filter paper in place.

coffee-a10Put the charged Aeropress into the fridge and leave it overnight.

coffee-a01In the morning, add some ice to a glass then firmly plunge the Aeropress over about 10-15 seconds.

coffee-a11Enjoy your delicious refreshing iced coffee. I certainly did!