Laser-cut Posable Maquette

poseable-a09Is it pose-able, poseable or posable? I seem to have settled on the latter for now. Anyway, I’m working on a posable character made from laser-cut ply wood.

My starting point is a ball and socket design that I came up with a while back. The balls are 12mm (1/2″) wooden balls purchased from eBay. I drill a 6mm hole into the ball and glued in a short section of 6mm dowel. This is then glued into the laser cut parts. Friction holds the ball and socket together making a posable joint.

I started with the legs: Here are the various parts for a leg unit. I cut a notch into the top of the socket section to make it easier to push the ball in later.poseable-a02

Trouble is, the finished part is weak. Of the three that I made, two cracked in the same place as the one in the picture. Obviously a design flaw.


I did manage to make this foot and shin section for the part that hadn’t broken but obviously changes need to be made.poseable-a04

Rather than assembling the leg section then forcing in the ball I thought it might be better to assemble the leg around the ball. This means that it probably won’t be possible to pull the pieces apart once it is assembled but I don’t think that matters. I’m aiming at a posable character, not a 3D jigsaw.

In the next version I’ll make the inner sections slightly longer. That will keep the pressure on the ball and make the joint slightly stiffer so that it holds its pose better.poseable-a06

Here’s a completed leg. The design still needs some work. The thigh needs to be heavier and the shin lighter for example but I reckon it is a good start.poseable-a07

For the Instagram picture I took two photographs of the one leg, flipped one and photoshopped them together to show how they move and how they would fit together in a finished model.posable1000b

Next, I’ll make some improvements to the leg and foot then have a go at the body.

This might make me a nice Kickstarter project 🙂