Making a Dowel Cutting Jig

cupid-b01This Laser Cut Cupid project is joined together with glue and various lengths of six millimetre diameter wooden dowel. There are fifteen dowels in total in this model all of which need to be accurately cut to length. jig-a04The x-acto mitre box and saw are excellent for cutting dowels with an accurate right-angled end. A way of measuring the length of dowels would make it even better.

jig-a05This heat sink block purchased from eBay is perfect for the job though an accurately cut block of wood would work just as well. It need to be roughly 10mm x 25mm x 100mm


jig-a06Gluing paper to aluminium is not easy so I’ve stuck a piece of brown paper tape on the back onto which I can glue a scale.

jig-a07The centre slot on a x-acto mitre box it 70mm from the end. Print out a paper ruler from here and cut it so that is the same length and the block as shown.



Glue the rule to the back of the block. The measuring block is now completed.



To cut a dowel 12mm long, line up the block with the 12mm mark lined up with the end of the mitre box then clamp it into place with a spring clamp.

jig-a01Fit the dowel into the box so that it butts up against the block. Carefully saw the dowel to length.